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The Genealogy of Marty Acks

This site is dedicated to the genealogical pursuits of Marty Acks. First and foremost is the tracking of my ancestors. This site will also contain be other fruits of my research. This may include challenges transporting genealogical data from one format to another; observations and analysis about certain geographies, surnames, and sources of information I have come across; and whatever else comes up on my genealogical pursuits. Stay tuned for more!

I am storing my actual genealogical relationships on the web using The Next Generation (TNG) Software.


[edit] Why did I do this?

I started getting seriously interested in my family history and genealogy in December 1999. I'm not sure I fully understand why. One factor was a book that my parents had given me that traced the Dulany and branch of our family tree. Another reason was that as I heard family stories about this uncle or that great aunt. I had trouble linking who was related to whom. I had the need to organize these stories.

Anyhow, what follows is part of that story. It is the story of the direct lineage of the Acks surname and other ancestors of mine. It is certainly incomplete, as I suppose it always will be. But as I share this with other people, I hope to fill in a pieces here and there.

[edit] My personal genealogy

My genealogical data is available at on the web using a product called The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding

No personal data on living individuals is available for the general public on this site. For known relatives and fellow researchers, I will make available pertinent data for genealogical purposes. For more information feel free to contact me.

[edit] Research methods

I started my research with the book "Preston and Susan Dulany 1800-1993 Tennessee, Illinois and Beyond” by Ann Austin Hecathorn. This book was a present from my dad, George "Bill" William Acks.

I moved on to searching on the Internet, focusing initially on my Acks surname. What an interesting and addictive activity. The name Acks occurs rather infrequently in the United States, there were only about 50-60 Acks listed the various on-line phone books in the U.S in 2003.

Currently, I have been researching through the internet as much more data comes online every day. Some of my key sources include:

  • - the big dog today of on-line genealogical data, subscription is required for much of the content
  • Family search - great for my German relatives
  • Newberry Library - In Chicago, I have visited there a couple of times
  • Local LDS library - the closest one to me is the one in Naperville, IL

[edit] Interesting pages

  • Immigration - This page captures where my American ancestors came from. This is rather involved as many of my lines have been in the United States since before the revolution. I'm working on my ethnicity percentage here, also.
  • Death - This page describes the more notable methods in which my ancestors died.

[edit] Current areas of research

As of late I have been focused on the following areas:

  • Porterfield line - my maternal grandmother's maiden name.
  • Piopolis and Ersingen, Baden connection to find possible ancestors of Adam Acks from Baden and link him to individuals whose name is Ochs in the old country.
  • Lenover line - I recently received new information from my aunt Pat (Lenover) Davis.

[edit] Cleansing of the existing data in my new TNG database

  • Consistent location names - TNG makes this much easier than FTM,which I was using before - this seems nearly complete
  • Historical places versus place names in use today. Examples: Washington Territory in the U.S and Baden in what is now Germany and Ersingen in what is now been consolidated into another town. Seems like the place name as it was known should be used and develop a Gazetteer of sorts to match to current names and vice versa
  • Sources improve consistency and completeness. Still are large project
    • For books include page numbers, Hecathorn book is one example.
    • For LDS data need to list the source
    • Remove brackets from urls - this approach recommended by some formal standards bodies makes the links not clickable in many Mozilla. This is not acceptable.
    • Find primary sources for imported GEDCOM
    • All people should be sourced

[edit] The hunt for ancestors

Albert Adam Acks - This is one main focus. I am somewhat stuck here on this grandparent whose surname I share.

[edit] Complete the migration from FTM to TNG

  • AKA notes are converted poorly
  • Get a presentable home page for my TNG site
  • Get first photo published - get it to show up in the tree view
  • Create branches for each different Acks line, replace Paternal line keyword
  • Add other interests section
  • Create a separate Christiaens tree (or branch)
  • Split Acks and Christiaens into separate trees

[edit] Pending WikiAcks Updates

  • My GEDCOM experiences - add links, re-verify, and add TNG experiences to this.
  • Notes on source guidelines and standards
  • Build out surnames, places, and specific individuals where appropriate
  • Add page about TNG
  • Ersingen consolidated into a town with Bilfingen
  • Veterans section, inspired by another site
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